Challenging myself Pt. 1

I was always so amazed by artists who can paint and draw realism. But the idea of doing it myself, was absolutely daunting. I believed I was not good enough. That it would be trash, that I wouldn't like it. I was scared, terrified in fact. 

But sometimes you've just gotta suck it up and try something new.

You need to be able to challenge yourself. Step outside your comfort zone and reach for things you never thought possible. You never know, you may surprise yourself.

I had always stuck to abstract painting, but I needed a change. 

Now, you must remember that your first ... anything... will not be perfect, or sometimes not even good. But this is where the growth mindset comes in. 
Instead of telling yourself "I am no good." Tell yourself things like "I'm not good... yet." You need to push yourself to, not only try new things, but to better yourself as well.

Take your time and enjoy the process.