Top 5 Writing Resources

To write is to create magic. But sometimes creating magic... well... it's not very easy, sometimes we need help or inspiration to write.
Here are my top favorite writing resources.

1. Fantasy Name Generators

This site is amazing! I cannot tell you how much I love it. They are just tons of different name generators. They range from fantasy to sci-fi to non fiction and even have guides and descriptions!

2. Roll for Fantasy

Roll for fantasy is an extension of Fantasy name generators. This site has more guides, tools like family tree and armor creators, puzzles and music.

3. Thesaurus and Dictionary
I think this is obvious. I don't like just sticking to simple words, like said, saw or walked. When I sculpt a book I like my words to have deeper meaning than those used in everyday life. But you mustn't think that just because I like "big words" that I know all their meanings, this is where Dictionary comes in, to make sure I am conveying the correct idea in my books.

4. Pinterest
If you don't yet know what Pinterest is, I suggest you read carefully and then immediately make your way to the website and create an account.
Pinterest is simply in one word... amazing. It's basically a visual search engine. You plug-in a keyword, hit search and you instantly get thousands of pictures that include the keyword you just searched. It's great for writers and artists. It gives inspiration and motivation.

5. Bryn Donovan
So this is an author blog, by... you guessed it... Bryn Donovan. Let me start off by saying she is truly amazing. She has a real talent for pushing and motivating you to keep writing. My favorite posts are: Master List of Color Names and Color Descriptions and  MASTER LIST of Physical Descriptions! These two blog posts have been pf great help to me in my own writing. They get me thinking about the more subtle details of my characters and scenes. It helps me to portray my novels to a fuller extent.


I hope they help you as much as they've helped me!
Let me know what you think!