How to stay inspired

These past 3 or 4 weeks have been insane to say the least. My schedule has gone through the toilet. But this week, I am finally back, and better than ever.

I am a dreamer, no doubt. But some days I lack motivation or inspiration. Yesterday however was very different. I sat at my desk with ideas practically gushing out of my brain.

Now, it can be a real bummer not having motivation or inspiration to do the things you normally love. It happens to the best of us.

Here's a list of things that have helped me to stay inspired throughout the year:

1.) Lists
I cannot emphasize this enough, make lists! When inspiration does strike, write it down. That's what I did yesterday, and now I have a list of about 5 or 6 projects I can do when I have free time or just bored.

My list currently consists of:
Picture board
Denim Jacket Patches (Add patches of all the places I've been on to a denim jacket)
Paint crates (That are stacked together to make my nightstands)
Sea turtle (Went to a sea turtle sanctuary and was inspired by them, also I have loved turtles since I was like 8. I've always been attracted to ecology and environmentalism, gotta take care of our home and its amazing animals ya know!)
Red drum (This one is for my father, he loves fish)
Wildflowers (Need I add why?)

2.) Disconnect
This is something that is very important to me. Being online all the time drains me. I need to disconnect, take a walk in nature, admire wildlife, the sunset, the stars, all of that. We need to make time to slow things down to admire the beauty around us. This will help to keep us happy, content and inspired to create or just conquer the day.

3.) Exercise 
One of the main reasons I exercise is to de-stress. I am naturally a very worrisome person, and the few things I have noticed that help me is regular exercise. Being active helps not just with stress, but also good digestion, being in a good mood and having a clear face!

4.)  Have a plan
Think, what are my goals? What do I want to achieve today... this week... this year or in my life?
Setting a goal or having a plan as to what you want to complete or achieve in your life will help you to stay inspired. Everyday you'll have things you can do to reach your goal.
For example you want to travel to Europe. Keeping that trip in mind will help you to stay inspired, work hard, save up to reach that destination!
So make sure you have a plan or general idea of what you want to accomplish long or short term.

5.) Pinterest/Instagram 
Ok, yes I know. I said disconnect, get in touch with nature... But when used properly and moderately these social media platforms can be of great use. Need motivation for working out? look up pinterest boards or instagram accounts that focus on exercise and healthy living. This will motivate you to follow their example or ideas. Need ideas for art or writing? Yep, you can find that too.
But here's a big tip, don't let yourself get sucked in!! It's very easy to lose hours and hours surfing since there's so much abundance of pictures and information. If you have trouble with that aspect, try setting up a timer. It'll help you to stay focused on what you're looking for and to get off and back to real life quick.

These are a few tips that I have put in practice that have helped me. Let me know what other things have helped you to stay inspired.

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