How to be more productive

As an artist, I love my job and my projects. I easily become very consumed in my work. We as artists are very whimsical creatures. Driven by passion and excitement, some consider us fickle and irresponsible, and sadly sometimes they're right.
As a child I always had a difficult time remembering and completing tasks. One day I decided that there must be a better, more efficient way for me to function. It took me some time to find the best way for me, but at last I did.
So what has helped me to become more responsible you ask?

1.) Realizing that I needed to better in that area. If you believe that you are doing just fine, you feel no need to change. It may be very difficult for you to admit to yourself that you have a flaw. Personally I have always strived to please everyone and be the best possible version of myself, but when someone pointed out a fault in me I would mope for days and I would feel terrible about myself because I wasn't "perfect". But instead of feeling guilty, use it as fuel for positive change.

2.) You have to find out what works best for you. Some people can deal with a cluttered journal, bed room or planner, and others can't. Some love to add tons of stickers to their notebooks while others use only black ink. It's up to you, but find the methods that work best for you, in whatever it may be.

3.) Find a planner. A cute one, a sleek one, one ordered by hours or by days or weeks. Like I said before, find what's best for you... and you're schedule. Some people may have a ton of small tasks to complete during a day while others may have a few larger ones. Some may like to show every little detail of their day, while others may like a more broad idea of what their day looks like. But get a planner!

4.) You need to prioritize. You must first take care of the important tasks, then you can have fun. But when doing said task, immerse yourself completely in it. Dedicate to finishing the task exceptionally well, so that you won't have to go back to it again later. Once you finish all your important tasks, then you can go ahead and have fun.

5.) Concentration is key. When completing a task, you must concentrate on it 110% Even if the task is fun, only concentrate on the things you have to do at the moment, not 2 weeks from now. This will help you to finish the task quickly and efficiently.

6.) Keep track of progress. It's difficult to stay motivated and I know that all too well. But when you keep track of your progress and you see some things are failing, you feel the urge to fix them. And when you see your "score" at 80 - 100% it just pushes you to keep up with it and stay at your  "A - game".

7.) Remember, always to rest. If you are always going, going, going, you'll burn out. Maybe not today, tomorrow, next week or next month. But eventually a burn out will come. Your body needs to recuperate and rest. Take care of your personal needs. Drink water, exercise and sleep well.

8.)  Set alarms. Love to sleep in? Well, you're not the only one. But sleeping late can have a very negative impact on your productivity. All that time you spend over sleeping, could be time for you to get tasks out of the way, or even just do things you love that you wouldn't generally have time for. This is where alarms come in handy.
Set a goal time to wake up. For a week track your sleep, write down what time you wake up naturally, write it down and every week wake up 15 minutes earlier until you get to your goal time. The reason for this is that you don't want to interrupt your sleep schedule, because if you do you'll be grouchy for the rest of the day.

9.) Clean your room/work area. Knowing where everything is is a big factor in productivity. If you know exactly where everything is, you'll finish your tasks/projects much faster than if you were constantly having to rummage through piles of junk to find what you need.

10.) Disconnect. This is something I've been trying to do lately. Social media can be very addicting. You can easily spend hours on end on Instagram or, my personal favorite, Pinterest. So disconnect from social media, or shut off your phone while you're trying to complete tasks, this will surely help you to go faster.

11.) Limit your entertainment. Ok so let's say it's Sunday and you've successfully completed all your tasks for the week. Don't over do it! You need to be ready for Monday, and if you burn out on Sunday night cause of all the fun you had, your Monday will be laggy. And whatever falls behind on Monday will have to be rolled over to the next day, and so begins your miserable cycle of being unproductive all over again. So enjoy your free time wisely.
These are the biggest factors that have helped me to become more productive. I still have a lot to work on honestly, but slowly I am getting there. If you apply these tips I hope they help you as much as they've helped me.
If you have any other tips / ideas you've put in to practice to become more productive, feel free to comment them below.

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