1 or 2 hobbies?

As a creative, we always have ideas running around in our head. But sadly, these ideas can be wide ranging, from art to writing to scrap-booking to computer programming to blogging, to traveling to gardening to baking to cooking to globe trekking.
Though we may not like to admit it, there's only so much we can do. And only so much we can master.
Many have the mentality that we should only have 1 hobby, stick to it, and becomes masters of such hobby. While I do see the validity of that argument, as a creative I must disagree. Why?
Because as a creative, my mind becomes easily bored with repetitive tasks. In my opinion there is a need for multiple hobbies.
Even though I love my hobby (art) I can become quite bored with it after a few projects. When that happens I hit a slump and I do not know what to create or where to find inspiration. This is where it comes in handy to have more than just 1 hobby. Why?
Because you get your mind off your last project. You find inspiration once more, motivation to keep going.
My 2 favorite hobbies are art and writing, however, art is my main focus, and career. When I hit an artistic crash I switch to my writing, and when I get bored of writing, I switch back to art.
But there also has to be a limit to how many hobbies you have, because you will not have enough time to do everything you wish if you have a ton of hobbies to do.
I suggest have only 2 or 3 hobbies, that way you can switch back and forth when your creativity is running out, and you'll always have a flow of fresh new ideas.
This is just a suggestion that I have found to be very helpful in my life, if you find that having 1 hobby or 5 is best, that's great! Do what is best for you to keep those creative juices flowing!